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The GivingKiosk Program

The Turnkey Way To Easily Accept On-Site Donations

 Quickly accept donations and event registrations from a simple-to-use customized kiosk
Increase donations and registrations
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Your Kiosk. Your Brand.

Customize your kiosk with your organization’s color scheme, logo, etc.

Further extend your brand with optional custom-made signage to fit your kiosk.

Set up specific options that fit your organization best, from event details to suggested donation amounts to capital campaigns.



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Accept Donations





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Built-In Internet

Take it anywhere and accept donations. No Wi-Fi required. 

events calendar 


 Event Registrations

Let your supporters sign up and pay for events right on your kiosk. Customize events, packages, sponsorship levels and more.


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Built-In Battery

Collect donations for hours without being tied to an electrical outlet.


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Reserve Your GivingKiosk TODAY! Turn-Key Set-Up & Training

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