The Giv@WorkTM Program
The Turnkey Solution For Efficient Workplace Giving
Helping businesses and employees organize, take control and expand their impact

A Turnkey Program for Giving Businesses and Employees

 Integrated with selected Give Back Nation GivingToolBox Programs, a business and its employees establish
a dedicated Giv@Work
TM Program at Give Back Nation.

 A committee can be formed to discuss employee allocations, benefiting causes, events, campaigns, disbursement timing, etc..

 Contributions from business revenues, employees and others, integrated with additional Give Back Nation giving tools,
flow into the online Giv@Work
TM Dashboard for planning, control and transparency.


A Dedicated Giv@WorkTM Platform

Funds Issued To Selected Causes
Give Back Nation makes disbursements to approved causes as directed

GB Nation Turnkey Support
Fund Management • Record-Keeping and Reporting • Tax Documentation


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