Planned Giving Redefined — CharitableCapitalTM Planning


Empowerment for Your Causes

Creates new cash flow for immediate use.

Generates untapped donor opportunities.

Establishes new relationships.

Uses the perpetual, planned giving power of the CharitableCapitalTM Advisory Network.

Can use new cash flow for building campaigns and fund-raising activities while fulfilling other key initiatives.



Empowerment for You and Your Family

Satisfies other financial needs by using increased cash flow generated from tax savings and partially tax-free payments.

Helps satisfy the number one concern of retirees . . . will they outlive their money.

Converts low-yielding and/or investment risk assets into high tax-advantaged lifetime payments.

Benefits from tax deductions while appointing others to receive specific benefits.

Avoids estate tax and capital gains on contributed assets.

Offsets taxable income from other sources.

Pin-point exactly where you wish funds contributed in satisfying “heart felt” giving objectives.

The CharitableCapitalTM Planning Program

Motivating Donors to Understand, Plan and Give

In order to respect wealth and maximize its use in helping donors achieve their true financial and charitable objectives, it is important to understand that wealth breaks down into three forms of financial capital within the financial life support systemsTM of donors surrounded by the following financial engineering areas:

The three forms of financial capital are:

Personal Capital: Capital in which donors have control, use and ownership. This capital can be sold, consumed passed on to heirs or used to satisfy their giving desires.

Taxable Capital: The ownership, use and control of this capital must be given up and passed on to the U.S. Treasury for the general welfare of America and the world through ordinary income, capital gain taxation and, again at death . . . estate taxation.

CharitableCapitalTM: This capital is created through the conversion of taxable capital using the heart of tax law dating back to 1969. Congress passed into law IRC Section 664 in order to help motivate American citizens to give more, while sidestepping the inefficiencies of our governmental revenue and disbursement systems. Although ownership is given up, this capital can be re-directed to society through custom designed planned giving; allowing donors to pin-point exactly where they wish funds to be contributed in satisfying their heart felt giving objectives.

Most American citizens have not been made aware of what congress created over 30 years ago. Charitable organizations and financial advisors have not been very effective in educating their donors and clients in how to convert Taxable Capital into CharitableCapitalTM.

As shown in the diagram below, the desire to have ownership can generate maximum taxation . . . taxable capital. However, the redirection of that desire can allow for increased income, decreased taxation, increased inheritance and increased giving — CharitableCapitalTM


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Why not assist donors by using the CharitableCapitalTM planning tools which Congress has made available for over 30 years? Planning tools such as:

Remainder Trusts • Lead Trusts • Gift Annuities • Private Foundations • Outright Gifts

Supporting Organizations  Leveraged IRA Giving  Donor Advised Funds Pooled Income Funds • Fiscal Sponsorship

Each of these tools can be used to generate substantial income tax deductions, cut away capital gains taxation, and eliminate estate taxation while achieving the charitable “heart felt” desires of donors.

As reflected in the following diagram, Americans are all philanthropists in one form or another. Either by default, government-directed, or by their self-directing large portions of taxable capital into CharitableCapitalTM.

So, what type of philanthropists do donors and their families desire to be? Why not understand and respect the opportunities and pitfalls which surround the financial life support systemsTM of donors, use tax law effectively and take an intelligently planned course of action in accomplishing their needs, concerns and objectives. Such an approach can allow donors, their families and future generations to experience the incredible joy of CharitableCapitalTM planning while enhancing FamilyCapitalTM.

CharitableCapitalTM Planning

A Lifetime Of Receiving Through GivingTM

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